Jurassic World: The spoiler free review!

Jurassic WorldSo! The first movie that I’ve decided to review, as evident from the title, is Jurassic World.

Now as you all might have guessed, Jurassic Park is a movie franchise which has always been very close to my heart since my childhood. I still remember those Friday evenings where I used to sit in front of the VCR watching the Dinosaurs with my mom. It used to be an amazing experience back then.

So, with the same high hopes, I got a ticket for the “Park” and went on a ride!

I was there, witnessing the first show of the day of what will be the next big movie of 2015 in 3-D.
The series has had its ups and downs in terms of critical success in the past, but this movie delivered what it promised. The idea of having genetically modified Dinosaurs in the movie make it even better.

The Dinosaurs are bigger, faster and better! Imagine the best abilities of all the different species packed into a single one. Yes, it was amazing.

What I really loved about the movie were the references this movie made to the older films of the franchise, clearly they wanted us older audiences to feel that in a way, we were reliving moments from our childhood. This really made me reminisce about the old days. Why make a park, when you can make a world?

The detailing of the Park was amazing! The action sequences are better too, the Mosasaurus and the Raptors are the highlights of the movie. Every minute of the Screenplay by Chris Pratt was a treat to the eyes.

Star Lord knows his game, and his raptors.

Our young protagonists were smart and funny too!

The whole movie got me gripped to the seat throughout, the only disappointing thing was the lack of 3-D thrills this movie had to offer. So all in all, it was great to watch, but a little bit disappointed due to my extremely high expectations.
I will rate this movie a 7 out of 10. It is watchable and entertaining, but at the same time has a thin and linear plot.

Get ready for two hours of slick action and amazing VFX. Don’t miss it.



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